Whitelines 100


Creative Direction for The Whitelines 100 2021/22. This project showcases 100 top-rated snowboard products of the season, as selected by the Whitelines Editorial team.

The content consists of 30+ video reviews and studio photography of all 100 products ranging from boards to goggles. The video content is a mix of product shots and aspirational action footage showing the equipment being ridden at a professional standard. This is edited into an informative review, presented by the Whitelines editorial team, and complimented with stylised studio footage that highlights key product features.

The art direction of the studio imagery has a sci-fi theme that juxtaposes the mountainous action footage. White beams of light frame the products in an infinite black space. Reflective surfaces and a red glow are incorporated to enhance the cosmic feel of the set. 

This page features an intro sequence which was implemented as the format for all videos in the series, the ‘Out Now’ trailer, and selected examples of the studio imagery.

Riders: @finbremner @ilias_vh @shredapeda
Filmers: @sebimadlener @singlecaskproductions @syovanvliet
Editors: @mikebrindley @elenadvisuals
Motion Graphics: @faydmotion
Studio photography: @jwhitmorephoto

Created under the employment of Internet Fusion Group

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